Frequently asked questions

What are E*TRADE’s subsidiaries?

E*TRADE Financial Corporation’s subsidiaries are: E*TRADE Bank; E*TRADE Capital Management, LLC; E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc.; E*TRADE Futures LLC; E*TRADE Savings Bank; and E*TRADE Securities LLC.

Who is E*TRADE’s CEO?

When was E*TRADE founded?

E*TRADE was founded and incorporated in 1982.

Where are E*TRADE’s headquarters?

E*TRADE’s headquarters are 671 North Glebe Road, Ballston Tower, Arlington, VA 22203.

Where are E*TRADE’s offices?

E*TRADE has offices in Alpharetta, GA; Arlington, VA; Boston, MA; Centennial, CO; Chicago, IL; Jersey City, NJ; Menlo Park, CA; and Sandy, UT.

Where are E*TRADE’s branches?

E*TRADE has 30 branches across the United States. All branches can be found at

Where can I access the latest investor presentation?

Access the most recent investor presentation here.

Where does the company's stock trade and under what symbol?

E*TRADE’s common shares trade under the ticker symbol “ETFC” on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. The company’s historical trading details are provided below:

Timeframe Exchange Ticker Symbol
July 1, 2010 - Current NASDAQ ETFC
June 2, 2010 - June 30, 2010 NASDAQ ETFCD
December 27, 2006 - June 1, 2010 NASDAQ ETFC
February 15, 2001 - December 26, 2006 NYSE ET
August 16, 1996 - February 14, 2001 NASDAQ EGRP

When did the company go public? At what price? What were the proceeds?

Our initial public offering was in August 1996 at a split adjusted price of $26.25, and net proceeds were $46.4 million.
Our secondary offering was in August 1997 at a split adjusted price of $68.75, with net proceeds of $188.8 million.

When does the company's fiscal year end?

As of 2001, our fiscal year ends on December 31.

When does the company report earnings?

  • First Quarter: Generally reported in mid- to late-April
  • Second Quarter: Generally reported in mid- to late-July
  • Third Quarter: Generally reported in mid- to late-October
  • Fourth Quarter: Generally reported in mid- to late-January

Who is the transfer agent for E*TRADE stock?

American Stock Transfer
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219