Mission, vision, and who we serve

Our mission

To enhance the financial independence of traders and investors through a powerful digital offering and professional guidance.

Our vision

To be the #1 digital broker and advisor to traders and investors-known for our ease of use and the completeness of our offering.

Who we serve

Investors or traders take on the markets wherever they want, however they want. Trading, research, strategies, and more available on both desktop or phone.

Investors can access a full spectrum of offerings, including non-proprietary ETFs and more than 4,400 no-load, no-transaction-fee mutual funds. Investors also have access to a variety of solutions to help keep them on track for their financial goals—from resources for self-directed investors like All-Star Lists, Thematic Investing, and Prebuilt Portfolios, to professional investment management through a variety of managed portfolios that can be customized to customers’ specific needs.

Active traders harness our combination of advanced tools, discounted pricing, and dedicated service. Power E*TRADE, our best-in-class, web-based platform1 and other award-winning applications like E*TRADE Mobile1 are all available to customers at no additional cost and deliver industry-first technology such as the Technical Analysis tool, unusual activity scans, options and futures ladders, and more.

Registered investment advisors (RIAs) can leverage our custodial platform, Liberty, for their clients’ account and portfolio management, trading and rebalancing, billing, performance reporting, and more. RIAs also have access to the E*TRADE Advisor Network, a national referral program that connects independent financial advisors to potential clients. Advisors who participate in the program benefit from a close-knit relationship with E*TRADE national and local branches as well as access to investors who desire holistic wealth management solutions.

Stock plan participants can realize the full value of their benefits with E*TRADE. Through our platform, participants have enhanced visibility into their financial wellness through digital tools and resources. They can easily understand how their stock plan benefits fit into their overall financial strategy, and access student loan refinance options, loan counseling, educational resources, and digital investment planning tools. US participants have full access to E*TRADE’s robust investing and trading capabilities.

Stock plan administrators have access to the highest-rated platform in the industry—Equity Edge Online.2 The administrative platform delivers extensive reporting capabilities, flexible service models, and built-in audit and access controls for a wide range of equity vehicles. Administrators can also offer financial wellness solutions to their participants, including employer-sponsored student loan paydown and 529 plan contribution solutions. Administrators benefit from an end-to-end scalable and online 10b5-1 trading plan experience, an industry first.